Thursday, June 19, 2003

Films for which I get to wear my red volunteer shirt.

Thursday, June 19 – Day 8
6:30pm -- BUTCHES BOIS AND KINGS -- Go to the only-in-San Francisco edge of gender-bending queer culture in this eye-opening collection of four new short documentaries that show off the many faces of butch, drag, and gender identity.

Friday, June 20 -- Day 9
1:00pm -- SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE -- This powerful collection of shorts pays tribute to the passing of four very different members of our queer community demonstrates the importance of grief and its ultimately life-affirming strength. See tributes to Gwen Araujo, Kris Kovick, police officer Lois Marrero. and director Stacey Foiles's late wife Lynda.

Sunday, June 22 –Day 11
12:30pm -- The Opposite Sex, Rene's Story -- RENE’S STORY (part of the two-feature documentary THE OPPOSITE SEX) chronicles the brave and intensely personal struggle Rene— female by biological definition yet male by personal identification—confronts while completing his female-to-male surgical transition. As his biological history as a woman is revealed, Rene must decide to what length (literally!) sex-reassignment surgery will afford him a natural fit between mind and body. Whether his twelve-year “marriage” can survive remains uncertain despite courageous determination. Additional interviews with family members offer alternative and heartfelt perspectives. These perspectives are both controversial and utterly poignant. Ultimately, RENE’S STORY is not as much about being male or female, per se, but rather a graphically honest and deeply penetrating, real-life story of a person forced to both defend and simultaneously surrender physical appearance for a chance at greater happiness.

Sunday, June 22 –Day 11
2:15pm -- The Opposite Sex, Jamie's Story -- Jamie’s private self-reflection coupled with added commentary of close friends and family comprise Aronson’s method in showcasing the innate challenges when distinguishing herself as female despite a biological male upbringing. As a father, son, husband, and brother, relatives and childhood pals, unable to accept Jamie’s evolutionary process, literally mourn the “death” of this much-loved person. Rather than concede her need for a more dignified life, Jamie discovers the extent to which her liberation from shame evokes unforeseen consequences. Yet conversely portrayed is Jamie’s wife, who genuinely supports, accepts, and encourages her husband’s transformation, including her compassionate insight that “ person would make this choice.” Her unconditionally loving yet cemented-in-reality composure is a refreshing and promising attitude to witness firsthand. The balance in perspective illustrate more than one person’s transition may be necessary in this family.

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I don't need liberation from my LIFESTYLE..
I need liberation from homophobics!

Susan Leal will be at The Center on June 24th hosting a breakfast honoring the not-for-profit organizations that serve the LGBT community. I’m excited about this event, as I want to meet Susan, shake her hand and let her know that she has my support. I've reviewed her platform, agree with her issues and feel she is a woman who can change things.

Vote Susan Leal for Mayor!

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I can recall years ago coming across Loren Cameron’s book “Body Alchemy” and being fascinated at how people who did not feel whole chose to change their gender in order to feel “normal” in their own body. It is amazing how much strength it takes for one to decide (if in fact it truly is a decision…much like being gay- I feel there is no decision in it, it’s just who you are) to alter their body to the other gender. This process is a long one, which includes high medical bills, psychiatric tests, family counseling (if the family is still involved in the individuals life), and a year of living as the other gender previous to any surgical operation; if the individual chooses to have them.
I admire all these people for their perseverance.
Power to trans-folk!

Harvey Milk Institute presents:
Gender--Behind the Makeup: Drag Kings & 1 Faux Queen

Nick Cave is a preacher...
and I'm buying what he's selling.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

I just took a look at the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds tickets.
Generally I find that the restrictions on the tickets read: "no cameras or recording devices".
On these tickets the restriction reads differently...there's only one:

There we go...
back to normal.
8 new voicemail messages already today.

Hope you all had a nice day off yesterday..
I know I enjoyed you not calling...

Monday, June 16, 2003

Donate to the Pink Triangle Park and Memorial.

I asked my girlfriend to call me at work to make sure my phoneline is Functioning properly.
She did, and apparently, it is.
Very strange.
I thought it broken because I've only received 2 phone messages so far today.....
(NOT that I am complaining- I swear, sometimes I think I am developing an ULCER due to the stress I feel trying to conect with so many people).

Did everyone take today off from work??

8 Days A Week:

"BLIXA BARGELD MAY be gone, but it's safe – or wonderfully unsafe – to say Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds will still be incredible live. Wicked ole Nick always brings something transcendent to the stage, as he did last year at the Warfield, sitting down at the grand for a sardonic and reverent "God Is in the House," crooning both his own and PJ Harvey's parts on "Henry Lee," and grabbing someone's appendage and hanging on longer than anyone was comfortable with during "Red Right Hand." It's enough to make jaded rock snobs (yours truly) whoop and bellow up front. Enough to make bubblegum pop fiends (a friend) admit the error of their ways. Enough to make a pretty girl loose her bowels (and be taken away by an ambulance). Cave does something ugly, beautiful, and even otherworldly live – regardless of how you might feel about his latest, more subdued, strangely suave album, Nocturama (Anti/Mute)".