Saturday, November 16, 2002

I'm trying to decide what I should buy myself for the Dec. "holiday".

Please send the check so I can make my decision soon...

My girlfriend and I watched a video of sandra cisneros in conversation with Dorothy Allison. While I did enjoy Sandra, I found myself more drawn to Dorothy. I suppose she just has that effect on me. I saw Dorothy "in conversation" at the library a few years ago after Cavedweller was released (although I much prefer "Trash" and "Skin"). I totally fell in love with this woman. She is brilliant, powerful, sexual and seems to have thought about everything already, so she does not strugle for answers to questions that are posed to her. After her show, a friend and I had an opportunity to actaully speak with her regarding writting. She was very kind and supportive and offered suggestions for my friend, the writer. Standing next to Dorothy, you feel anything is possible...she has that kind of energy.
I saw her again a couple years later after she spoke at the Dyke March. She and her partner were walking down the street comming towards me and my friend. I was so excited, I said hello to her, asked about her son, then asked her for a hug. She gave me one.
I love this woman.

Friday, November 15, 2002

I received the following email from a guy at Community Marketing Inc.
Hi Jennifer,
Just confirming you got our check, and we are all set for next Thursday at 6:30pm, room 305.
I wonder why it is he signed “love” on the bottom of his email…was this some kind of subconscious attempt to get me to respond to him in a timely fashion…?
Well, if so, I have to admit it worked…as soon as I finished blushing, responded to him right away!
Nice to know I am loved…even if it’s by someone I don’t’ know…

What does it mean when your friends are laughing at you in your dream??
not With you, but AT you...

Today is a day I wish I were 11.
Spaghettio's, Flintstone cartoons, and no cramps.

After some band practices I realize I am getting old...maybe too old to play my drums as well as I could.. as well as I have.
The pain that I used to experience in my wrist (not JUST from drumming, but from mousing all day) came back last night while playing...and this practice was with the "easy" band I play with...
I'm wondering if I should take up another instrument now, just in case the pain in my wrist or the pain I experience in my knee after playing continues to linger. Not to mention avoiding all those ugly blisters I get.
I've thought about a "lighter" instrument, one I wouldn't have to drag around, set up, then tear down after each practice...
I've considered playing guitar, bass, flute, saxophone, triangle, kazoo and many other instruments...
But then I say to myself What the Hell am I thinking??!!


Monday, November 11, 2002

My girlfriend and I were watching this show called "rock the house" last week. It's a show where your favorite "rockstar" comes in and redecorates your house.
We asked eachother who we would like to come in and redecorate, and my answer was "Tommy Lee".
In the next episode, guess who was redecorating???
It was in fact The Tommy Lee.
What he did was hot! I have a crush on this guy....but mostly...I want to live at HIS house and have him play drums with me!!!

Anyone happen to have Tommy's number...I want to give him a call...

My life has become:

Monday: Work, stress, work, stress about work.
Tuedsay: Work, stress, work, stress about work.
Wed: Work, stress, work, stress about work. band practice.
Thurs: Work, stress, work, stress about work.
Friday: Work, stress, work, stress about work. lucky hours.
Sat: Work, stress, work, stress about work.
Sunday: band practice.stress about work.

"Guitar God" has a new toy, and I heard it loud and clear last night.
Now, he has gotten himself a keyboard that he pounds on above me. I couldn't take it, and thought best to try to put a stop to it now, before he continues to break our agreement of "instrument reduction" by 11p weekday nights (ok, I know Sunday is not really a weekday...but it Is a "school night"). I called and his roomate answered first. I said, hi, I HEAR that "Guitar God" (guy who lives above me) has gotten himself a new toy. "Yes, the roomate answered, and it's beautiful as well"..."and VERY LOUD" I added.
I spoke to the noise violation offender, and told him "would it be possible for you to turn your keyboard down, it's very loud...or if you have headphones, could you please plug them in?" He seemed a bit confused by my request. He then asked "what nights work for me" in, when would it not bother me if he stayed up all night playing his instruments. I told him "I have a job, and I have to wake up early in the morning everyday". well as two of his well as two of my roomates do not have jobs. I'm starting to believe when you don't have a day job, your night job must be keeping people up with the noise you make...
Guitar God and I finally came to a noise level agreement and I hung up the phone and got back in bed.
The noise level was fine until I woke up at 1:30am. to the sound of him playing guitar...

I'm begining to dislike muscians.