Thursday, March 18, 2004

A few weeks ago Christina and I rented Solder's Girl. We were both so moved by this film, first by the beauty of a love that transcends gender...then by the violence this love creates in others...

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Aries Horoscope for week of March 18, 2004

For too long, grace has eluded you; you have had to fight your way through life. But now your luck is about to turn; your soul will get the refreshment it needs. To celebrate, imagine you're the one speaking in this poem by Theodore Roethke:
"Near the rose, in this grove of sun-parched, wind-warped madrones
Among the half-dead trees, I came upon the true ease of myself,
As if another person appeared out of the depths of my being,
And I stood outside myself,
Beyond becoming and perishing.
A something wholly other,
As if I swayed out on the wildest wave alive,
And yet was still.
And I rejoiced in being what I was."

You go girl!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I’ve been missing my mom A LOT.
My mother loved basking in the sun for hours, reading her book; making her crafts…the warm weather reminds me of my mom.
I still have much grief about my mom’s final days and passing and I realize I may always grieve the loss of her. I try each day to think good warming thoughts of her and connect with her in my heart. Some days I find this easier to do than others, but I believe my mother still lives thru energy and thru those who knew her.
My mother was the strongest, proudest woman I have ever known. She made her way thru some impossible situations in order to walk again and raise me and my sister, not to mention the love and support she provided to her Grandson.
I am PROUD of my mother, and feel more proud of her each day.
Thinking of her strength and values makes me stronger…but I still miss her each day.

Monday, March 15, 2004

A friend of mine did my taxes for me and I just couldn't believe he did them correctly as my refunds are so low!
I have reviewed the tax tables and am in Shock that I fall into the same tax bracket as someone making low 60's! HELLO- that's TWO TIMES WHAT I MAKE!!

I am disgusted with our Government and how it holds the poor (wo)man down!