Friday, November 22, 2002

I admit I’m one of those people still trying to figure out Kurt’s death. I’m not quit sure what happened. I’ve downloaded the police reports from the scene and they don’t seem to jive with suicide…how can there be no fingerprints on the bullets is what I always come back to…and the note…why are things crossed out, then handwritten in another script?
I’m not trying to point fingers at anyone (I saw Kurt and Courtney and I know how people can accidentally be hit by trains…)
Just each time I sit down with Kurt, We connect..he speaks to me…but I never have gotten a sense -of how much he really liked Root Beer….

Hey, Wait..I got a new complaint...

I received this email today from my girlfriend. It made me smile.

hey you!

you were so great last night! you are so amazing!
whenever i identify myself as your girlfriend, the first thing people always proclaim is "she is an amazing drummer!". and then they continue to compliment you. like last night, when i introduced myself to juno ( or juneau, like juneau, alaska?), she told me how much she respects your abilities. her words were truly sincere.
and its not just people who know you who have admirable things to say about you. everyone recognizes your talent.
i hope you hold all the compliments you get deep in your heart and that the love that is hidden in them grows and spreads to nourish and strengthen you inside.

love to you,

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

If I fixed my comments, would you?

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

My band will be playing this Thursday at The Eagle. We have not played "in front of people" since our "gig" at Oakland Pride. Thank you J, K & M (-no these are not MUNI lines) for showing up at that show.
It should be a fun you've ever wanted to play drums in front of drunken strangers (and drunken friends..), this may just be your chance, as I will be selecting people from the audience to come up and play with me..

Who would like to go first??


Sunday, November 17, 2002

One of my best friends!