Friday, March 23, 2007

Tulum will be our next vacation spot.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I've been afraid, but no more- I'm taking my girl back to the place I grew up- with rivers and streams and chigger bugs to boot. What beatuful country I grew up in and I'm excited to share although my girl, you don't care for bugs so much...I love the wildness of the land and miss it so....I only wish my country folk supported our we may not stay, but at least you get to visit the state and World I come from...

for you Christina.

You fill up my a night in the forest...

come fill me again...

She was morning and I was night time...My girl can play me anytime.

My mother tried to go to work even when she was too weak from radiation and chemo to do so, because she belived a person is responsable and needs to give/do in order to recieve anything.
As if my mother ever "recieved" anything- our family struggled in order to insure she had health care for her treatments and we agreed we would pay out of our own pockets as there were no organizations around to help her or us during her illness.
I have many men friends who are HIV+ who are able minded and able to work, but they choose not to. There are so many resources in the City, so many means to never have to work again for men who are HIV+ even if they are not unable to work. They are able to move, run, laugh and relax due to the programs and drugs they recieve at no cost. They can also recieve funds to pay rent each month.
Why is it I seem to find women want to stand up and not work off the system- while men so seem to want to take advantage of all the programs there are to assist them?
And Hell- why are there not enough programs to help all the women who are in need as there are for the men??!!!

An inconvenient truth, inconvenient, but true.