Friday, August 23, 2002

Ok, so I don’t like the Sprint voicemail woman anymore, but can I just tell you how much I LOVE the Bank of America automated woman.
That is…until she tells me my balance.

I had my first practice with the band I will be playing drums for at Oakland Pride last night. It went well, and the bass player, who is an MTF is good. I mean, I can actually HEAR the bass when we are playing!
We are going to practice two more times before the Pride gig on Ausust 31. Hopefully, we will not make fools of ourselves….oh, wait…this IS a Glam-project….

I did get tons of flyers, programs and posters to put out here at the Center.
Remember how I was “envious” of that other band I was going to play with, because they were getting to play with a certain LOCAL (it’s not selling out if they are local bands) band? Well, they are on the bill with us. As well as this band.
And so are they! –If you’ve never seen them before, I highly recommend you check them out…the drummer is brilliant!

Thursday, August 22, 2002

At work I interact with many different people..and one that I’m working with regarding a room rental is this person.
I find stories like this so impressive!

One of the various tasks I perform at my job is to assist with the Room Rentals.
Today, my co-worker asked me if I had received an application from a person named “Liza”. I said I had not…then said the name again…and my coworker said yeah…she works at an Architectural Firm, they want to have their Christmas party here….
I know that firm…and I KNOW Liza…
She’s the one who laid me off…

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Good Vibrations are holding their semi-annual meeting here at the Center today…
If anyone has any suggestions on toys they’d like to see developed, send me your requests soon!

I saw Chriz from DCARA today, which is a tenant of ours, I wanted to say “look what I learned”- but I don’t know how to sign that yet…and she’s deaf.
I was going to introduce myself, because that’s something I learned…but I’m not so good at signing my name yet.
I’m gonna practice though, and go up and have a conversation with her soon.
She seems really sweet.

Did all of you Sprint users experience this Sprint voicemail upgrade?
What’s up with her???
She seems like she’s pissed or in a huge hurry!

Her voice used to sooth me, now she scares me…makes me feel like I’m bothering her eachtime I call…..

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

This morning on my way to work, this guy stopped me and asked me for a cigarette. I happened to have some on me at that point and time, so I gave him one. As I handed it to him, he went on to ask- “can I just tell you what happened”- sensing this guy was in need and wanted someone to listen, I said sure, wha’ts going on? He went on to explain that he is not from “here” and that he just got “here” two days ago, got a job at Blockbuster, then went out to a club with all his stuff “you know, looking for a place to crash”. Then he explained that he had gone home with someone who apparently wanted more than this guy was willing to give. So, the potential boarder was kicked out of the house- without any of his belongings. The guy with only the clothes on his back told me that he has been trying to get his stuff back, even called the cops, who told him they could do nothing and “what did you expect”. When he told me that, he said the cops must be homophobic.
As he proceded to tell me about how he just wanted a place to clean-up, his eyes filled with tears. I suggested that he use the Center for resources, maybe he could find a place to shelter him for a while. He thanked me- and said “it means a lot, really, thanks for just listening”, and I walked him to the door of the Center. I said good luck to him as I walked in the building.
He turned around and walked away.

Monday, August 19, 2002

I have agreed to play drums at the Oakland Pride Fair with the band I used to play with, Glamtastic. Only, they are not the same band I used to play with, for they are now called Glamicide. They do (as you could have guessed) Glam-cover songs. I never really got into the glam- as I mentioned before in another posting (how glam an I….not VERY!), however, I do like these boys, AND they told me that they needed a drummer for the Pride Fair. I wonder…how does a band get a gig- at a Pride event (mind you, we…ummm…they played the Oakland Pride gig last year) without even having a drummer? I was told that the people in charge of finding bands for the Pride event got in touch with my old bandmates. Wow. Is it that hard to find people who want to play at this thing? It IS on August 31st, Labor Day weekend…so maybe a lot of musicians will be out of town…
Anyway, so I am going to play at the fair- I understand we go on at 2:45p.
I have TWO practices with these people before the “big show”…hopefully…I’ll be able to get the songs down, because I might just choose to “air-drum” at the Fair.

What it is about me that these “Glam-bands” want me to play drums with them. I mean, come on- I haven’t worn my platform boots in years!

I wonder if Green Day will jump onstage and play with us...