Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Today is a celebration of my 36 years of life and those who have shown me love during those years.

Today, 36 years ago at 6:45am, my mother gave birth to me. My mother still survives...for she is a part of me.

Happy Birthday.

Monday, April 12, 2004

A Tree for my Mom.

“Please accept our most sincere sympathy on your recent loss. There are few things, if any; more difficult than saying goodbye to someone we have loved. At Batesville Casket Company, we believe that the attachments created in life are never lost, even in death. The memory of a loved one is a precious gift which can and should be shared.

We hope it brings some comfort for you to learn that through Batesville’s Living Memorial program, a tree has been planted in a national forest to serve as a memorial for your loved one.

Omps Funeral Home made this thoughtful request on your family’s behalf.

May you and your family find peace in knowing that the tree planted in honor of your loved one will have a lasting impact on earth.”

Love you mom.

Tomorrow will be a difficult day for me.
I miss my mom and will miss the sound of her loving voice- wishing me a Happy Birthday.