Friday, October 22, 2004

The saga continues….

Remember the friend I loaned $500 to, so that he could put it down on a studio apartment?
Well, I spoke to him last night- I called him- to find out when he was moving and how things were going. He told me he changed his mind- he didn’t like that studio that he put the money down for- and he took back my check. Hmmmm…something you think you’d TELL the person who wrote the check- like- hey, you know that $500- it’s not going to be removed from your account…I guess he thinks I have so much money-I wouldn’t even notice the $500 bucks…
Apparently he saw a studio apartment that he likes more than the one he originally put my money down on.
Then he says- but there’s a catch.
He tells me because of his bankruptcy, he needs someone to CO-SIGN for him. And he’s asking me.
I laugh and say- does this mean I will have rights to your apartment and get to sleep there whenever I want? I also say- well, I have been working hard for it- and I have great credit.
Then I tell him to call me later so we can further discuss.
I’ve been further discussing this with myself- and I think this is a BAD idea.
First- the guy hasn’t learned to be responsible with his finances- we can clearly see that from his bankruptcy.
Second- the guy doesn’t seem to have any shame- if he wants something- he has no qualms about asking someone for it- or to give him money so he can have it. He's the kind of person who will ask you for money to pay for bills- and then go out and spend $50 bucks on a haircut. Clearly he has not learned that sometimes in life- you have to compromise.
Third- I don’t even make enough money to live by myself- and I would be responsible for HIS rent if he can’t pay it!
Fourth- repeat number three over and over and over again….

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Yesterday I received a message from a client who had been away on vacation.
I returned the phone call to hear “Jennifer, I heard you had quit!”
Hmmm.. I said…I wonder if this is some sort of premonition…..

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I am so sick of EVERYONE wanting a discount or no cost space for their meetings. I work very hard each day to support people and provide space for their events- from Fundraisers to weekly support groups- it takes time and energy to provide proper customer service- especially with the support group members.

I have been working at this for 2 years now- and I‘m getting a bit sick of it. I know, you want free space….I know, you can’t afford the cost of rental- and want a deduction- even if you are Comcast! I now realize that each discount- or comp we provide- comes out of MY pocket. I have not received a raise in 2 years- and I make Crap money.

I KNOW you want free space, a comp or discount….
And I want a raise!

Monday, October 18, 2004

A friend of mine has been searching for a studio apartment for the last month- as he needs to vacate the place he lives in by Nov. 1.
He has encountered a problem in renting places however, as he filled for bankruptcy a year and a half ago. The reason for this bankruptcy was that he and his ex wanted to get rid of the credit card debt they had had built up. Together, they filed together to get rid of 26 Thousand dollars in debt. Although living together- one of them making 75 Thousand a must have been deemed that as one wasn’t working- even though the other made money and had a secure job –they would not be able to survive…
No more monthly credit card bills- and look at the material items still owned. They were allowed to keep the car –partly purchased on the credit card and all other items purchased which ran up this credit card debt.
Not so nice.
In his attempts to find an apartment, many landlords have turned him away- as he has history of bankruptcy.
Not nicer more.
He found one place that he may be able to rent, however he needed to provide a holding check of $500.00….and guess who provided that check to him…
Good thing I don't live beyond my means...I mean...what would he do?!