Friday, September 13, 2002

I just received my 14th envelope (voice mail) of the day. Not to mention the calls I actually answered!
I spoke to one woman yesterday who stated that no one here at The Center answers their phone. I suggested that perhaps it is because they were already on the phone, and it just went straight..ummm..right into voicemail. She laughed and said “hold on a second, let me look in the see if it says moron when I look in the mirror”.
Today, she called me, left me a message…said “oh, you must be on the phone with someone else, as this is going into voicemail”.
If I spent all my time answering my phone I’d never get any work done…oh, wait..what am I thinking…I still don’t seem to get any work done.
Not to worry though…for I will be in here once again tomorrow.

I have been assisting a man who wants to arrange to have Mike Newdow speak at The Center.
I thought this was cool, and have been helpful with the client (not that I let my personal opinions interfere with my job and prioritizing it…). We have come across some “issues” regarding deposit and media that I had to discuss with Management of The Center. In the conversations I had, I was quite surprised to find that not ALL people were supportive of this man speaking. However, as we are The Center, and house and support freedom of speech, we will move forward with this event. Granted he provide security in case there are protesters, and that their PR person checks in with our Communications Director in order to avoid any breach in our policy regarding anonymity within The Center.
I’m thinking I’ll show up.
See what he has to say.

I need a volunteer in here to answer my phone!!

17 messages yesterday.
And I returned 2.
How am I supposed to get anything done when people keep calling me, asking me to DO more, DO MORE??!!!

I started my period today,- perhaps this is one of the reasons I’ve been feeling so angry with things.
Oh, yeah, that and because I have WAY TOO much to do at work, and have $3.33 extra each paycheck to show for it.

I’m beginning to think my idiot roommates (who by the way make only slightly Less than me on unemployment,- and have WAY less stress) have the right idea. Take advantage of the system.- Look out for only yourself, because in the end,- who really gives a damn about anyone else anyway?

Ok, just because I’ve started my period does not mean the emotional rollercoaster called my life is over…

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I know it's a wonderful cause.
But I'm starting to burn-out.
Work is work.

And I feel like I'm the cruise director on the Love Boat.

I got my COLA (cost of living adjustment) today. An extra 120.00 a year. A YEAR. There will be no raises for us here due to the “challenging” financial situation.
120.00 extra a year.
That breaks down to about 6.66 every month. 3.33 every paycheck.

I spoke to my mom today on my way to work.
It was nice talking to her, for I hadn't really in quite a few weeks. That's typical of our communication though. We rarely do.
One of the concerns she had was of Life Insurance, mine. I have none. My job does not provide, and I, myself do not have a policy. She told me that I could sign up to get 10K for $20. a month, and that one of the benefits with this insurance is that when you turn 100, they give you the money. Now I don't know much about Life Insurance policies, but that sounds a bit odd. Plus, I don’t know if 10K is really enough incentive to stick around that long.
Anyway, the conversation was short and brief, and as I was ending the call, she asked if I was I coming visit her in VA for the Christmas holiday thing.
I have not seen my mom in almost 3 years.
Guess I’ll start growing my hair out now for the visit…

Monday, September 09, 2002

Just my luck!
I have to deal with them!

I’m having “issues” with my roommates again. Oh, I know- when have they ever ended??!!
Anyway, I suppose the “issues” I have get more intense when I actually SEE them, and see what they Don’t Do all day.
The (idiot) girl roommate, and her (idiot) boyfriend roommate went away to Burning Man for the whole week- Last week, and my house is STILL a disaster area! There are crates of crap that they brought to the desert, and now apparently they don’t’ know what to do with it all, so it sits lined up down the hallway. Now, I understand that sometimes it takes a little while to unpack from a trip…but they are unemployed, and do NOTHING all day (but validate each other, as I’ve mentioned before). They have had MORE than enough time to clear that crap out of the hallway. But they make no effort..for that in itself would entail “work”.
Maybe I am more sensitive to it now because my girlfriend came over and saw it. It is very embarrassing for me, even when I try to play like I don’t care- whatever, it’s the idiot roommates, it’s not my shit. But I live in it, and it makes me feel like a lazy slob too. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I rarely leave my room when I am at home- I don’t’ want to see the lazy unemployed slobs doing nothing, and the mess they create doing it.
Again, I find nothing redeeming about them. And my girlfriend noticed, (because you can hear what’s going in the kitchen and living room if I don’t have any electronics running, and they are ALWAYS in the kitchen or living room), that they talk A LOT. As if they talk just to hear themselves. At times, she tends to talk over her boyfriend. I have experienced this and realized she isn’t listening, so there is no point in talking to her.
I think the main thing that irritates me is that they are “vacationing”. I know at least she has not worked for two years now, and she isn’t even looking to end that.
Maybe I’m just jealous, because I wish that I could do nothing all day, and feel like a valuable person… also it’s so beautiful outside…and I have to be here at work.