Friday, January 16, 2004

The Dr's are not sure if my mother will last thru today.

A couple of my mother's sisters have gone to be with her in the hospital....and my flight leaves in a few hours.

Please Goddess, Universe, God- let me be with my mommy at least one more time before she passes.

I love you mommy.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

My sister left me 3 messages yesterday and at 3am last night- yesterday my mom was not doing well at all- had a fever of 103- and they had to put her on oxygen and were not sure what would happen....they found that she has phenomena in her left lung now- and need to give her different anti-biotics than the ones shes getting for the staph infection...
my sister left me another message this morning- my mother has stabilized and seems to be doing alright.
The Dr' said they will know if the Anti-biotic is working on the staff infection in a few days. The Dr. also said that the staph infection is from the port in her arm- and from her wound hole- which is tunneling thru to the other side of her chest...he did however say that the wound looked like it was healing- but of course, they can not do anything in regards to the cancer until it heals..IF it ever does.
He also said that the tumor has not grown, and that when she gets out of the hospital- other than the wound- she should be able to lead a "normal" life until the tumor grows- if it does...

Please Universe, Goddess and God- heal my mothers body.

Monday, January 12, 2004

My mother is still in the hospital. She will remain in there for at least Wednesday, as she has a staph infection which the Dr’s are attempting to treat with anti-biotics.
As she is contagious, my sister, upon her visits is required to wear gloves and a coat…

It just seems one thing after the other for my mommy…I pray she keeps her strength and hope up.

I love you mom.