Friday, March 21, 2003

Sometimes I have worries regarding which salutation I should use on email correspondence. My concern really is in regards to those I correspond with repetitively.
My job is somewhat “customer-service” oriented; therefore I want to attempt to provide some thoughtfulness and respect. I continuously change my salutation from my 1st time correspondence (Kind regards) to my 2nd thru 300th correspondence salutation (Regards).

Today, however, I implement my new ALL correspondence salutation:


Thursday, March 20, 2003

Remember the scene in Goodfellow’s when he feels like he’s being followed by helicopters…..

Today, I bleed.

The sounds of helicoptors and ambulances fill the air this morning.
This city is "at war" with this war.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Another distraction:

Last year, I bought tickets for my dear friend Jared and me to go see Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. I admit I was not very familiar with him, but I was completely blown away by his last cd and concert. In fact, I believe that is the most moving show I have ever seen. Brilliant musicians all of them. I was so impressed that I told my girlfriend, who was visiting a friend in Seattle that if at all possible she should change her flight home- get tickets for Nick Cave and get a flight out the next day.
She did, and was grateful.

Listening to Nocturama I wish I could transport myself back to that seat in the concert hall with my friend beside me.

Once again, not to distract from the impending war (oh, who am I trying to kid?!), but I am looking forward to listening to these Cd's, especially after reading this review of Throwing Muses recording:

"The drumming of David Narcizo, one of the best and most under-appreciated drummers in the music world today, has always been excellent, but on this album it is outstanding, as if he had been waiting to dig his teeth into new Muses material much as a ravenous dog would anticipate digging his teeth into a juicy steak."

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I couldn't agree with what she said he said Moore!
Go Wendi, and Michael.

This impending war reminds me of email correspondence a friend and I had after 9/11. She for retaliation, me not. Here are a few select lines from one email she sent me.

and for the grand finale--------i think we should drop an atomic bomb on Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan!! yep that’s what i have become because i have 12 nephews and 3 nieces and i don’t want them to have to live like my grandfather did in Ireland!
my nephew Brian----us navy seal----you met him----and he will be in Afghanistan and you spit on him. my very dear friend is
there as we speak doing his fucking job and you spit at him!
you going do what they did in haight in the 60's when soldiers came home?
scream baby killer!!

As I tried to explain to her then, I am not wishing for death and destruction, I want no lives to be lost..therefore, I am against WAR.

I think this is the exact reason that the percentages have shifted in favor of Bush's war- as more relatives and loved ones get sent over, people believe that the only way to show support to these people is to be in favor of this war.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Not to distract from Bush’s solution to our economic problem of “cleansing” (because we have outgrown our world and no longer have enough resources to sustain the existing life), but I get annoyed at people I see wearing green.
Today is not a day of celebration, for today the Pagans –which every religion has been derived from, were kicked out of Ireland.

No to War.
No to Green.