Friday, October 10, 2003

I am so worried and concerned about my mother's's so frustrating not being able to FIX her body- heal her body and take the infection and cancer out so that she may live longer.

I continue to pray everyday, many times- please Universe, Goddess, God- heal my mother. Many times I still cry myself to sleep...if sleep ever even comes...

I spoke to my mom yesterday; she had a Dr's appointment and said they are concerned about the infected wound in her chest so they do not want to give her any chemo treatment because the wound might not heal if they do. As my sister said, "they can only deal with one problem at a time."
My concern, my mom's concern and my sister's concern is that while they are "dealing" with this problem, the major CANCER problem will advance making it even more difficult to fight off.

I visualize my mother's body- healing itself - regrowing healthy tissue where the hole in her chest is...I visualize the cancer in my mothers lung disintegrating...I visualize those bad cancer cells dying off, and new healthy cells replacing them...
I visualize my mother living cancer-free for at least 10 years from this day.
I visualize and hope my visions become reality.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

One thing I'm glad about is that there are somethings a person can always count on...

With the economy in shambles, and starvation a major problem world-wide....I'm glad that at least those starving in San Francisco will have a chance to enjoy Fleet Week.

I recieved this today...

Event Reminder:

Marilyn Manson
982 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Date & Time
Sun, Oct 12, 2003 8:00pm

Evite Your Friends to the show.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

She said: - you know... someone who studies and deals with remedies....a homo?....homo?...homophobic?

Monday, October 06, 2003

Sunday I spent more money than I ever have at one time in my life!! (and I mean, I've purcahsed CAR's for less money than I spent yesterday- TWO of them!).

First, I woke up, went online at 10am and bought tickets to go see Tom Jones at the Fillmore in December! I have wanted to see Tom Jones for YEARS, and each time I went to Las Vegas when he was there, the tickets were EXPENSIVE- but worse…sold out. This will be a great show!

Second, since I was already online….I looked for a ticket home for Christmas and see my mom- I got one for Dec. 19- Dec. 30- for $360.00- but it’s going up North and I hope it’s not delayed AND I haven’t been able to choose a seat assignment yet….ugh (please Universe DO NOT make me sit in the middle!!!!!!).

Third, I have been wanting a video camera for sometime…so Christina and I went to Best Buy- we spent 3 hours looking…debating…and I bought myself a Hi8 video camera. When I was trying to purchase it- my credit card had the store call to validate that it was in fact ME spending this money- because I’ve NEVER spent so much before!

So now…I must save in order to pay for these expenses…but in the meantime….I get to make movies for my mommy!!